You are more than the sum of your parts

June 5, 2022

Good morning, ladies.
There’s an old saying that “you are more than the sum of your parts.” I come from the generation of parents who told us “Kids are seen not heard” so I pretty much grew up shut down emotionally and always looking for ways to be seen and heard all the way into adulthood. And mostly in not the healthiest ways. As I am on this continuing journey of self-discovery, I am learning that there are so many layers to who we are. So many beautiful, painful, messy, and glorious parts of us. We tend to ignore the parts of us that we deem ugly or to painful and try to keep them down and quiet. (Seen and not heard) But I have come to understand as I have finally summoned the courage to meet all those parts of me, to listen to them and ask of them what they need. And in that I have found compassion for myself and a love for myself that I have never allowed or thought I could give to myself that I so desperately sought from so many other things. I truly believe this is where we meet the face of God. At least for me as I come to know myself better. It’s in this vulnerability and honesty and self-acceptance that to me, God says, you see this is how I love you. With no judgment and full acceptance. I see you and I hear you and I love you. I continue to slowly embrace these parts of myself as they surface no longer running away from them with distractions or telling them to be quiet. It has not been easy at all. But I can say it has been very rewarding as I come through the other side of me meeting a me that is stronger and more healed. I hope in sharing my journey, for those this resonates with, that it encourages you to meet the parts of you that you may have seen but not heard and finally start listening. You deserve it. God bless you on your journeys. Love S