What’s next to your bedside?

October 13, 2023

Good morning lovelies!

As a writer and someone who loves to read, my bedside is a mishmash of read and half read books towering next to me. ????????this doesn’t include the hidden tower of books on the other side of my dresser that you can’t see. ????(Can my other writers and readers relate?) ???? I will start one and then find another one that intrigues me and start that one until they all become books in waiting that I haven’t finished. Along with my journals, It’s my comfy, cozy, collash of yumminess that makes me feel good inside. Connects me to my youth when reading and journaling was/is my safe place. Well, Today is a celebration as I actually finished the most recent book I purchased and oh my goodness did that feel like an accomplishment! ???? YAY ME! Now, what’s next? ????Barnes and Nobles was visited tonight and the next book will be joining the ever growing tower!???? what’s your bedside look like? Love S