What I Hope You Know

November 7, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

I hope that you know beautiful lady that you are perfect just as you are right now in this moment.

After a meltdown, or breakdown and shutdown, it does not matter.

You are loved in all of your messiness, moments of self-doubt, and deep insecurities.

You are loved in the moments you have lost it with your kids, your husband, your friends.

You are beautiful in your now… not what you don’t recognize anymore body after having birthed those beautiful babies.

You are loved in your times of feeling alone, unseen and not heard.

You are such a magnificent creation that life comes through you. What I hope you know is that all your tears and prayers are not in vain. That what you deem your weaknesses are your strengths.

I hope you know that someone is praying for you when you feel the most quiet and that nothing seems to be changing.

I hope you know that you are meant to be and that you are a gift and a blessing.

You are imperfectly perfect, beautifully beautiful, and loved in all the ways you thought you weren’t.

This and so much more is what I hope you know.

Love S