We are all creatives

August 27, 2023

Hello my lovelies!

Part of my life’s journey and that I will never let go of has been through writing.

It has connected me to my heart and soul and unlocked so much of what I didn’t know was there internally. It is where my stories, sorrows and my joys reside and…my magic! When I bring them into the light through writing I give it shape and form and expression in a way that transmutes into something that even surprises me.

Even healing can take place. That’s the beauty of creativity…if you surrender yourself to what wants to come through, you participate in a beautiful process of creation that will be a gift to not just yourself but to others as well if you chose to share.

We are all creatives in some way shape and form.

Do what connects you to your heart. Writing has been my life saver. That is why I will be creating a writing workshop for those of us who desire that deeper connection to self and to experience more of the magic. Details coming soon.

Stay tuned…Love S