February 3, 2024

Sharing my morning musings. I call this:


she wandered and wandered until she could no more, walking down the aisles of a once-lived life

trying to find the door that opened to a memory that she could connect to

hold on to



as right now in her life she had no feelings

it was false and fearful

she could not remember who she is

where she was

who she was.

making ways into these different corridors of a once lived life,

she wandered and she wandered

until she could no more

Because she was no more.

She was no more of what she once was before.

She was something more.

She was more of herself.

The self she had abandoned and left behind.

She had forgotten, but now she remembered.

So she stopped wandering, searching and seeking.

She stopped

she cried,

she laughed, smiled, and laid down to rest.

Then she picked herself up

walked through a new door she created for herself.

And the light showed brightly as she entered into her new season.

S.L Taveras

Love S