Time and Tenderness

September 1, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

Time and Tenderness.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in moments where we need to stop and ask ourselves where we are feeling tender. In our bodies, hearts, minds or relationships. What are those tender places asking of you? What is it that you need to bring compassion and gentleness to those areas of your life that have gone unnoticed or unattended. As women we are constantly pouring out to others.

We are the caregivers, nurturerers and can find comfort in giving to those around us. Whether it’s your family, friends or career. We can find our sense of purpose and meaning in these areas of our lives. I have found myself in a season of wilderness. Refining and redefining those parts of me that I gave away freely. Taking a moment to ask myself what is it that I need to thrive in these new season.

How can I give myself self care so I can continue to have enough overflow for those I love without leaving myself empty. I notice I’m on empty when I’m edgy, or quick to anger, impatient or comparing myself to others seemingly “they have no problems” season of life. These are signals for me to stop, take a moment, get silent and ask myself what is it that I need.

Going into nature, writing, or doing a staycation where it’s just you, alone reconnecting with yourself. Where are you at today? What are the tender parts in you that need attending?

Give yourself today what you are always willing to give to others. Time, attention and tenderness. Love S❤️