This Too Shall Pass

March 24, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

Sharing my future home in the DR with you ladies. It’s 85% completed. It brings me so much joy. Dreaming of having a Momtemplative retreat here one day inviting all who want to come.

What brings you joy? How is everyone doing? Today is as good a day as any to stop and check in with yourself. Are you being present in your life or have you just been on automatic going full steam ahead?

Have you been tapping into what fills your spirit. Soothes your soul. Calms your mind. Moving toward what brings you peace? It’s ok if you’ve gotten off track. Life is like flying a plane. You’re still heading towards your destination, with an occasional air pocket that causes bumps and can feel a bit scary but your always recalibrating while your journeying there.

As the saying says. “This to shall pass”

Give a quick check in and just give an emoji of how you’re doing this week.

Love S