The In It of life

May 5, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

This is a picture of some of the donated flowers a friend and I organized and handed out to seniors at a facility yesterday with our daughters.

I was supposed to just drop my daughter off but I ended up staying and helping out and it became something that turns out I needed as I’ve been in the, as I call “The In It of life.” That IN IT where you don’t know what’s ahead of you and all you can do is be IN IT

. In the discomfort of the not knowing. In the thickness of uncertainty and uncomfortable emotions. In the thanklessness season of motherhood. In the challenges of financial insecurity, marriage challenges, career change.

For me, serving gave me a reprieve from my “IN IT” as I was able to witness the smiles and thank you’s from the elderly who are so grateful to get a visitor.

As I left the building from five hours of cutting flowers, organizing them into vases and handing them out I was met with a lovely lady who rolled up to me in her wheelchair her quiet gentle voice telling me “I love you”. ????????THAT moment right there made all my “IN IT” challenges melt away. If you’re in the thick of “IN IT” season of your life sometimes putting yourself where you are a blessing to others blesses you right back.

And it helps to make your IN IT season a bit more durable. Sending love and hugs to all of us as we go through our IN IT’s together.

Love S