The Holy Instant

September 20, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

As I sat looking out my window this morning, trying to calm my many thoughts running through my mind. Thoughts of worry, feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt…all the things you just love to wake up to. ???? as I looked out my window and got quiet and still it was like a show began for me as nature presented itself. A bluebird first appeared flying back and forth like the presenter before the play starts. And then the performance. One little dragonfly flitting back and forth just where my eyes met it. It would come out, do it’s dance and then fly back behind the building where I could not see it. And then again it would come back out, flit around back and forth as a dragonfly does and then disappear again. As I watched this dance I became so quiet and focused on it that a still small voice from inside spoke to me like a whisper from God. I began to feel this sense that the dragonfly was playing with me like a child playing peekaboo. It had me so entranced that I began to smile, and then a knowing came over me that it was playing with me. To make me smile. And I did. And then I cried. A good cry like when you receive a gift you were not expecting. And then I laughed because it was in this instant, this holy instant, that I sensed God was winking at me. It’s when we get quiet and still, no matter the emotion we start out with, God sends little whispers and winks of wonder to remind us He sees us and loves us. And to this my heart is put at peace and mind set at ease, the worries melt away. And I say thank you little dragonfly. Encore encore! Love S