Take a moment

June 11, 2022

Mornings can be rough depending on how you slept. For me waking up at 4am with many thoughts waiting for me I chose to tell them they are on their own and that I’m not participating unless they had anything good to say. So instead of giving them attention I chose to meditate, prayed, and focused on the sound of my breathe. If we don’t entertain the negative thoughts, don’t give them meaning with no self-judgment we don’t give them power over us. Sometimes easier said than done but life is one breath at a time. I feel that a lot of us, and not even realizing it are just holding our breath, white knuckling it through life, just waiting to exhale. Sometimes we just need to stop, take a moment, and listen to yourself breath. I find it can be the safest place to be. Breath ladies, take a moment, exhale, and breath. Sending love. Love S