October 28, 2023

Contemplating Surrender

As things outside ourselves continue to move and be, the chaos very real, we can feel a lot of times that we don’t have control of our circumstances. That can leave you with the feeling of a sense of powerlessness while trying to make sense of it all. I have found myself here. When things around you, in and outside your world are imploding. I have felt that way recently which has brought me to a place where instead of reacting to it all, I have taken the position of first acknowledging how I feel about all the things, getting still, curious and then surrendering. Surrendering to not being in control, not knowing, and not attaching to any sort of outcome. It brought me a sense of peace, surrendering to the not knowing and holding onto the belief that all will turn out well. Through the struggle, the tears, the prayers, and moments of lightness. Protecting my heart from moving through cynicism (because those moments can happen if we are being honest with ourselves) which can lead to moments of clarity. My journey has brought me through many of these times and I’m sure it won’t be the last as life continues to teach us. And in all these times, when I have finally surrendered to what is, I get to sit in that stillness while the storms slowly die down, the clouds eventually open up and the sun always breaks through. And that we can always count on. Love S