April 20, 2024

Momteplating Shalom: Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning peace. Shalom also means: “everything in its proper place”

I feel like I have been looking for my peace for a very long time. A place to settle in my spirit allowing me to catch up to myself. Today was a day of finding secret lagoons, hidden beaches, and cute cafes enjoying with friends you have been friends with for decades. I am happy tired. I have been jumping all in! Literally! I have not entered a body of water since childhood. One of the things I stopped doing because of fear. So many things that I did not allow myself to experience because I lived so much in my head. I’m not getting in a bathing suit! My body! I can’t swim! Who’s looking?.. and so on and so on. Since being here in my new home in the DR I have been letting my heart lead me and it’s like dating myself. I’m not saying no to my new environment. This has been my Shalom. My peace. My new name. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m in my proper place. Love S