Set Your Mind

September 18, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

As a writer, one of my recent non-negotiable that is a part of my morning routine to help set my mind for the day is prayer, meditation and a 20 minute writing session with other writers on a zoom call every day at 9am started by my newest soul sister friend and mentor Chris.

We sit quietly, start with a prompt and just write. Whatever shows up. It is such a great exercise for the soul to just allow what shows up to pour from within to pen to paper. There is a language that takes you over as you allow yourself to just freely write, no judgment, just…write. Journaling is such a great way to allow what you may not be able to form in words from your mouth, to let your soul express it through the written word. Sharing Something I do that helps me start my day that maybe will encourage you to do as well. See what happens!

Sending you love and light for your Monday! Love S