Remembering vs Dwelling

June 6, 2024

As I took my morning walk, I noticed I wasn’t as present as when I first arrived here. The trees didn’t seem as green, and the sounds of nature weren’t as vivid. I realized I’d been dwelling on the past. We all do that sometimes—replaying key moments, but instead of just remembering, we dwell. We dwell on past hurts, disappointments, broken relationships, mistakes, or regrets, reliving the pain, sadness, anger, and frustration, trying to “fix” it in our minds. This is where suffering lives. When we dwell in the past, we can’t enjoy the present. Our world turns grey, losing its luster, and we can’t fully embrace the now.

Remembering is different. It’s like looking at an old yearbook: you see the memories without getting stuck in them. Its a visit, but I’m not staying here. You recognize how much you’ve grown, why certain relationships ended, what you learned from mistakes, and that regret can be met with compassion and forgiveness, knowing you made decisions based on what you knew at the time. You remember and come back to what’s now. If you find yourself dwelling in negative thoughts, shame, or guilt, remember: that was then, this is now. You are not defined by your past. Staying in gratitude and thankfulness will keep you in the present and all the gifts it offers. This morning, I remembered that. And everything became clear and vibrant again. As it is. Hope this helps someone today.


S ❤️