Peace In Our Lives

March 4, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

This is the view from our house we are building in the DR. I’m sitting here on a cement block on the unfinished porch that looks out to this stunning view.

As I reflect on my days that I spent here I am reminded of peace. Peace of mind, peace with myself and peace with humanity. I think we all seek some sense of peace in our lives.

That’s why we work to heal ourselves by whatever means necessary. As I sit here and look out on all this nature, listening to the sounds of roosters crowing, birds chirping, palms blowing in the wind I am able to witness how nature is a reminder of how we to can be balanced.

If we just let go, surrender and let go of outcomes and attachments to stuff, judgements, ego etc…we can get back to Eden and walk peacefully in the garden with God. Sending you love and peace today.

Love S