One moment at a time

February 23, 2023

Good morning ladies.

How did you wake up feeling this morning?

Sad, glad…anxious maybe?

How were your thoughts?

Were they building you up or tearing you down?

Remember, you get to decide and choose what you feel and think about yourself. Building blocks ladies. One moment at a time.

First, give yourself permission to feel the feels. Then, give yourself time to be still to process and ask what it is you may need in this very moment. Grace, gentleness, kindness and love to all those uncomfortable parts of ourselves.

They are there to teach us compassion towards ourselves which enables us to be compassionate towards others…because we get it.

We understand what it feels like. We’ve been in it and have come through it. Whatever that is for you.

Give attention to what we need so we can move towards what we want.

You are okay.

You’re doing amazing! I know it in my bones because I am you.

Love S