Not Forgotten

May 10, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

There was a time where we were going through some major financial struggles and we felt so overwhelmed and powerless. Raising four small children and starting a new business. Having to decide which bill to pay.

A friend of ours who didn’t know our situation, no one knew our situation as a matter of fact. But God knew. That friend showed up to our home with an envelope and handed it to us. There was no special occasion that prompted them. It was just a gift they said to us they felt compelled to give. When we opened the envelope there was a $100 bill looking back at us.

My heart in that instant just broke open and I cried as if I had just received one million dollars. It wasn’t so much the money that they gave us, which definitely helped, but the gesture.

The thoughtfulness behind the gift. It made me feel seen in the midst of a season of feeling very forgotten. I will always remember that moment as it caused a breakthrough in my heart that God had not forgotten us. It for me is such a moment of God stepping in and saying I see you and I haven’t forgotten you.

That this to shall pass and that He loves us in the midst of a very difficult time. He will send people, situations etc to bless you and they don’t even know why they are doing it. It grew my faith and helped us to just keep taking that next step, and as we did God opened up doors that we couldn’t have imagined.

The season of change I am in now feels very familiar to that time many years ago. And I am reminded of that moment and it gives me pause to choose how I will move forward. In fear or faith. Love or lack.

I choose Love and Faith. And to remember all the times I have passed this way before and have come through wiser and stronger on the other side. I have passed that gift on many times to others, to be a blessing because I remember how being blessed by someone else’s love gesture blessed me.

That you are not forgotten. Hope this helps anyone who may need reminding of a time someone blessed you so you can bring it in to your today.

Love S