New morning, new rising, nature always teaching.

April 15, 2024

What does one do when going through a major life change? What does one do when you have entered new territory and trying to get your sea legs and so much is coming at you that you’ve never experienced before let alone recognize? You begin to watch how you respond. I’ve noticed in this new season in my life that I have been so self-restrained, contained, and controlling. So when things not in my control come flinging themselves at me I clenched up and instead of facing them, I curled up in a ball closing my eyes tightly praying that when I opened them life would have changed for the better. Clinging tightly to my comfort zone of always doing, going, and controlling like spinning plates I have not been able to watch and listen to how to respond to life not react to it. Does a flower hide from the sun, or clench up when it rains? Does the seed stay in the ground when planted for fear of what may be above ground? No, it reaches and opens up and allows all that awaits it to be nourished to grow, flourish, and expand. Do storms come? Yes. But we wait it out until it passes as they always do. I’m exhausted from spinning the plates, from hiding and controlling. I’m finally ready, like nature, to receive, allow, and respond. So all that being said, I have allowed the plate spinning to crash to the ground and learn from nature. Instead of always trying to run the show I am relearning a new relationship with life and my creator. It’s going to continue to get my attention until I stop, listen, and learn that God has designed us, just like nature, and that all things are always working in our favor for our highest And our best. If I can just trust that, if I can continue with that, we can witness and experience the magic of change. Love S