Nature Awaits You.

November 22, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

We don’t realize how nature hugs us. How it waits for us to show up and pay attention to the love it has to offer us. The gentleness ofthe warmth of the sun. The soft caress of the breeze upon our skin. The offerings of shade from the trees. The comforting sound of the crunching of the gravel beneath our feet as we adventure along its dirt pathways. The birds sing to each other “she’s here she’s here” as they fly about in excitement and joy knowing we have decided to show up. It is a dance for us to witness and to gather peace from. Nature knows this oh too well. When we are separate from it for so long it’s in these moments of solitude amongst creation that we are softened and remember that we to are a part of this magnificence.

Love S