November 17, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

How did you receive this week?

Were you like the trees stretching your arms wide open, receiving a new day when you woke up this morning. Opening wide your mouth like a baby bird receiving it’s food from its mothers beak. Yawning and breathing in the fresh air. There is no effort in that. The trees stretch there branches towards the sky, the flowers open there faces towards the sun, the birds sing songs in the morning letting us know a new day has started. Wake up, wake up they sing. It’s time to play! The sun rises like a mother gently waking up it’s children, with warmth, kindness and sunbeam kisses. Lovingly reminding us that a new day is born, as are we newly born each and every day. And like a newborn allow yourself to rest and recieve..receive…receive. Love S❤️