Momtemplating letting go!

April 4, 2024

Good morning lovelies.

Momtemplating letting go!????????????????????

My daughter sent me a text this morning asking me how I was feeling knowing I leave in less then two days for a new life in the Dominican Republic. This was my text answer back to her :

I’ve been doing good the last few days. Today I woke up feeling a bit anxious/excited/nervous. But it really helps me lean on God. Which brings me a comfort that I haven’t felt in a very very long time. I have the pit in my stomach, but that’s an excitement of something new and unknown pit in my stomach. I know Gods timing is perfect. Or better yet, God has reminded me His timing is perfect. I’m letting go of what I cannot control, Leaving the kids in Gods hands( they always were anyways)???? and just opening up my arms wide to the great adventure God has in store for my big messy beautifully accepting of my flawed and very grateful self! ????

Here we go!! Love S