Mommy Meltdown Moments: The struggle is real!

May 20, 2024

My mind is a curious thing. Today I reminisced back to my mommy meltdown moments when my chitlins were just wee little things and I was in the thick of mommyhood that would cause me to judge myself as a bad mom. You know them all too well if you’re being real and honest about it. You either had them in the past or are currently living in it. You know, those moments that we don’t talk about for fear of being judged or having our mothering skills questioned or scolded. Hoping that when we spend time with other moms instead of talking about all the praiseworthy perfect parenting moments we secretly wish and are relieved when another brave mom vents about losing her temper with one of her little ones or hiding in the bathroom for some much-needed sanctuary from the constant beckoning “Mom, Mom, Mom”!!. Oh yes…memories!! My kids are grown mostly now and yet I have thoughts and memories of when there were times I tired of my children. Yes…tired!! ???????? The rolling of their eyes, the sucking of their teeth when I’m attempting to impart wisdom. But I loved them fiercely. Sometimes I would get angry and yell at them when they think I’m one of their friends and call me BRUH! (really?) but I loved them dearly.

There were days I would daydream and think I would come back to another life as a world traveler with no kids when I saw the college tuition bill. ???? (yep, I’ve had the thoughts)????

But I love them with my whole being. Sometimes I would cry from exhaustion from the constant worrying when they don’t make good choices. ???? But I would kill to protect them like a mama bear for all my children. (go ahead and try me.) ???? This is a woman’s right of passage into and throughout motherhood and no one can understand the contradictions more than us. So for those of us who have been there and done that or are currently in the thick of mommyhood, please, when you see a mother having a meltdown, losing her temper in a store or crying from frustration or yelling from just another day of overwhelm lets have compassion and understanding towards one another. Perhaps just a kind hand on her shoulder and instead of a correction, judging, or a scolding maybe a word of relatability saying “Girl, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. You’re going to be ok” Or just being open and honest about your struggles as a mother allowing others to see it’s not just them and giving each other that love, support, and encouragement. I promise you it will be met with a melted heart and gratitude from her knowing that someone out there gets it and that she’s not a bad mom. She’s just an amazing mom who loves her kids and just having a moment. Let us not forget our many moments and extend grace and compassion. We all need a lot of it these days. Love S❤️