Miracles From the Mundane

May 6, 2023

Miracles born from the mundane. I wrote a post yesterday about being in the IN IT of life and how it can feel like nothing is happening that I want to happen while I’m IN IT. Today I had an epiphany about how miracles are born through the mundane.

Instead of focusing on when is it going to happen, the change, the aha moment, the finale, the breakthrough…fill in the blank. It’s during these seemingly mundane nothing is happening moments is where we are being groomed and prepared for what God/Source/Spirit has prepared for us. So that means doing the mundane knowing that each moment is building into the next one into the next one and so on.

So make your bed, write that sentence, post that blog post, wash those dishes, build that dream house brick by brick, take care of what is in front of you and one day you will look up and your miracle will be right in front of you.

Love S