Loved Ones

March 12, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

There are moments in life that take your breathe away. This was one of them.

This is the face of a woman, mom, friend and wife who was taken off her feet yesterday by a surprise 26 year wedding anniversary dinner from her kids and sister from another mister who flew from Asheville, NC to spoil her bestie. ???????? oh, to be surprised! I haven’t been gotten in a minute and it just felt all kinds of good inside my belly.

You go through life thinking of all the ways you get it wrong as you pour into the ones you love. All the moments we beat ourselves up for loosing it when we see those dishes STILL left in the sink, towels on the bathroom floor and oh my goodness when are you going to clean your room! Yep!

Or, can we make it though this difficult season of marriage as you make shifts to grow and change. Will my friendship survive this bump in the road? And then in one moment it’s as if the universe with God and all His angels all conspired to bring you to one night being celebrated by the people you love and matter to say “you’re doing/did, just fine!” To confirm that nothing was wasted.

None of it. Not one messy mommy/wifey/friend moment. Just sayin ladies…no matter how much you think you’re not getting it done, or right….fill in the blank..I promise you, your babies, your people see the love you have for them through all of it. They remember the good more then anything. Who you are at your essence.

A woman who loves her people fiercely with all the growls and protection of a mama bear.

They are a testimony that you are blessed, loved, just enough and then some!

The kids/hubby/friend are just/will be, fine and know they are loved. And for me, this was the celebration.

Love S