Love over fear

May 12, 2023

Hello lovelies.

This has been my week of choosing love through fear, sadness, uncertainty, discomfort, disappointment…all the things.

Moving through life these days has called me back to the deep. When you think the waters have resided another wave hits to take you out deeper, to take the dive into spaces of yourself calling to be noticed, seen and heard.

Sometimes I’m like, ok God/universe, can you just give me a break. Let me catch my breath. And then I remember I asked to go deep. To delve into parts of me unseen that have shaped my outward behaviors and thinking that have kept me from living and being my fullest and best version of myself who I so want to get to know.

So I remember my tools I have gathered along the way. To let go, to allow, to surrender, to get still and quiet, to pay attention and listen to what needs to be heard from deep within. I ask what I need and meet it with love and compassion. And when I come out and the emotions have moved through me I get to see, appreciate and experience the beauty of this world in a way I wouldn’t have before. Magnified and connected.

More of that please.

Love S❤️