Looking Forward 2023

January 10, 2023

Good morning ladies. I hope we all had a good nights rest and woke up looking forward to your day. I know I woke with a lot of rumbling and tumbling thoughts. Thoughts of things I thought I had left in the past. Wondering why certain things are the way they are, people, relationships. I just wanted my thoughts to turn off. They made me feel like I hadn’t grown or moved forward from hurts, disappointments, sadness, anger. But as I just allowed them to move across my mind like clouds in the sky, becoming the observer and not the participant I was able to discern what was needed to address and what needed to just pass on by. And instead of letting them take me down the rabbit hole, I did what satisfies me. I meditated, prayed, got up and got dressed and went for a long walk with my dog. And the thoughts eventually settled down as I talked out my truest feelings with myself and God, cried a little bit, breathed in and out and reminded myself of the tremendous growth I’ve made. The immense feelings subsided and the rumbling and tumbling turned into a quiet peace. I share all this to say, just because you have the thoughts doesn’t mean you have not grown. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves the time to move through them in a way that works for you. Your going to be Okay.

I hope to see you all at the Womens Event this Saturday. So much to share and connect about. Love you!

Love S❤️