Looking back

September 14, 2023

Good morning lovelies!

Once upon a long time ago I was…now I’m…

Yes, that’s me at the ripe young age of 16! Omg! The makeup and that hair! ???? I look at that girl and I remember not feeling sure of myself but wanting to experience everything in life. I see how I’m holding myself, posing, wanting to feel beautiful but inside feeling so not. I hid behind how I looked so I couldn’t reveal how I truly felt inside. Scared, alone and uncertain. It would take me many years of choosing not so rightly for myself to begin to choose the best for myself. It was and has been a journey to self love and Gods love for me, through me. Ok, for those who feel inclined to share a past photo of their younger self, I invite you to share what you see about yourself in that captured moment. What was she thinking? What were you hopeful for in that moment? Looking back at a time where things shaped and formed our views is such a significant part of our stories and who we are today. We learn to love and embrace all those parts of ourselves. I look at that picture now of that young girl, and even if I couldn’t, didn’t know how to love myself then, the adult me journeys back and loves her in this present day. All the moments matter. Learning to embrace them all has been healing and brought much wisdom. They are a part of your story. You..are..beautiful! Love S