Living your best life!

September 24, 2023

Good morning lovelies!

This is the view from my 20 year old youngest sons room from the house he has been staying at in Columbia by himself for almost a month. A trip he paid for and booked, because he wanted to disconnect from what he calls the matrix and all the distractions and instead go somewhere he’s never been and connect with his soul. His words not mine. At 20 years old the only trips I was connecting my soul to was the bars, boys and booze! ???????? Thank goodness for our kids jumping the broom and creating something different for themselves. Learning how to Self care and not be attached to stuff and fear but to be adventurous and move towards there dreams. (I think we had a little bit to do with that as parents) ???? All my kids inspire me to move towards my dreams with no excuse or apologies. They have become my example and I am truly blessed. Go towards your dreams people. They are waiting for you to show up and bless you! Love S