Life Reminder

September 13, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

Us with our youngest son at the airport on his way to Columbia for a month. Just because that’s what he wanted to do. Living his life to the fullest.

I am sharing a beautiful Life Reminder written by Poet Whitney Hanson for those of us holding back living life fully just because…Love S❤️

I think we spend too much time being afraid of our own mediocrity☀️

we don´t want to sing too loudly in case someone finds out that we don´t have a voice like glass☀️

we don´t write music because we aren´t Mozart☀️

we don´t paint because we´re not Picasso☀️

we don´t tell people that we love them because our voice might shake when we say it☀️

we try to be pretty criers☀️

we don´t dance because we aren´t that good☀️

the reality of our humanity is that we are all a little bit average at a lot of things☀️

the truth is that we´re all not that good

so stop holding yourself back from enjoying the things that you love because you´re not a prodigy at everything

scream the song at the top of your lungs and confess your love☀️

and let your voice be shaky☀️

cry big ugly tears☀️

dance really badly

because life is too short to be scared of being human