Letting Go

May 28, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

This past year has brought about an intentional cleaning of house so to speak. Having a deep desire to reconnect with my spirit, my source/nature, God and the things that connect me more to the spiritual. Releasing and letting go of things that no longer served me was the start of my journey.

Whether it be unevolving relationships, limiting beliefs, or stuff taking up space in my home. Taking deep dives into my past to acknowledge childhood traumas that I never gave voice to and allowing myself to go through the healing process. It still continues but in full awareness and acceptance even if most time is quite difficult to move through. And now my healing journey brings me to my physical body and asking it what it needs to heal.

This last week I have been doing a fasting of sorts to release toxins from my body. I have a deep desire to detoxify my innards and to cleanse it from all the toxins in my body that have been causing me to get sick so much lately. To understand the implications of digesting years of processed foods. I am learning how it’s all connected, the spiritual and physical.

As I fast and letting go of grabbing for this and that outwardly, I have become more clear inwardly. What calls to me is a quiet, a peace and contentment with what is. Not constantly wanting and desiring but being absolutely grateful for the here and now. I am fully present to this moment. And as I’ve been able to pay close attention, words come to me gently and softly of kindness and compassion…love. Where creation is born. I think this is what heaven is like.

Taking this journey of Mind, body and soul healing has been the greatest challenge and yet the greatest gift.

Love S