July 15, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

When is the last time you’ve put pen to paper, licked an envelope, stamp and walked a letter, note, postcard to your mailbox to send to a loved one? There is something about receiving a letter with someone’s handwriting, trying to figure out a word from their sometimes unreadable penmanship and then going “ohhhh!” Smile Smile. Holding that paper in your hand, curled up in a chair with a cup of coffee/tea, anticipating each word. The feeling you get at the end of the letter knowing someone took the time and thought to write out their words of expression and feelings with and towards you. The exchanging of this old way of communication is such a powerful and personal way of expression and connection. Oh the days of snail mail and that anticipation of going to your mailbox ???? and seeing a wrinkled envelope stained with its travels from afar. ???? you remember how it felt when you see it addressed to you and your heart skips a beat. The excitement of opening the letter from that someone and the first words you see…My Dearest… I encourage you to grab a good ole pencil and paper and write to someone and send it in the mail. Not a text message, DM, email or post on social media, but a good ole fashioned handwritten letter. I promise the person on the receiving end will be giddy and grateful. Love S