Let go

June 10, 2022

I have learned to let go of relationships that were very one sided. I am very much wired to take on responsibility for my stuff and theirs. Well, the most freeing part of this past year for me has been releasing, in love, relationships that tended to put all their pain into my lap and expected me to fix myself so they could feel better. I no longer will take on what is not mine to take on. I have learned to discern what is mine and what is not mine in relationships. And because of this came to a strong realization that since I’ve done that those relationships have moved on. And I am at total peace with it. When you no longer allow people to have access to you who are toxic or tend to make you the problem always instead of owning their own behaviors you will feel a freedom and clarity that will empower you towards growth and change. Contemplate on that a little bit today. Love S