December 15, 2023

Angel Messages

Sometimes you need a reminder that there is plenty of kindness in the world. These rocks I collected this past year that I would find while taking walks in my favorite preserve. They were deliberately planted in spots by someone (an Angel) for another to find to be encouraged by. I would be walking deep in thought and would notice a rock set on a tree stump or on top of a bench with messages written on them or an encouraging note left with some, waiting for the person who needed it most to pick it up. This would happen at different times throughout the year. Just random unseen acts of kindness messages left by an Angel. Well, I definitely needed these messages at those times I found them and I have done it for others in my own way as it was such an encouragement for me. Send someone a secret message without them knowing it’s from you. You will feel blessed knowing someone out there got your Angel message of kindness. We all need so much more of it. Love S