Keeping Promises

January 6, 2023

Good morning ladies.

Day 6 of 2023. I’ve been a part of a group of women where we are committed to keeping promises we make to ourselves in one area of our lives. We tend to break promises with ourselves which leads to not trusting ourselves and so on down the rabbit hole leaving us with a belief that we can never change the thing, whatever that is for us. Although, I have been consistent with doing at least one thing to move my goals forward everyday I found myself becoming disconnected and I couldn’t figure out why.

It feels good to keep these promises for myself but I think even more so is although I’m grateful for these steps, I have to continue to check in to where my joy is attached to. Because when I find myself being reliant on the doing of things it starts to become “work” for me. I have to remember I am not these things. I can get an unhealthy attachment to the doing of things instead of just being and asking myself does this satisfy me. Yes, keeping promises to myself satisfied me, but I have to remember, for myself, to not attach my joy to these moments but to check within myself to where all my joy is stored and overflows from. That place for me where God as I understand Him resides, waiting to remind me that I am perfect as I am. Reconnecting to spirit, source, God always grounds me. Everything else is icing on the cake. This was an aha moment for me as I reflected on these daily milestones. Stay connected to your heart source ladies in all your doings.

Love S