Investing In A Therapist

March 22, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

Even though I feel blessed in my life the past few weeks have been a bit of a struggle emotionally. Not sleeping through the night, thoughts of self doubt, self sabotage and not feeling enough. Feelings of sadness and fear. Enough so that I needed to bring in the big guns and have some unpacking of emotions with my therapist. It was exactly what I needed to help me move through what I was not able to do on my own.

Reminding me to get out of my head asking why am I feeling sad, afraid and stuck but instead to move into my body to allow myself to fully feel into my emotions, honoring them when they show up heavy and hard and have compassion towards them/myself, asking what they needed instead of pushing them away. Having this time with someone who is objective, who can listen without an agenda.

A place where you can completely unload where you won’t be judged or fixed…just listened to and led through what you couldn’t see on your own is a great medicine. This is all a part of my spiritual growth. Your mental health is a real thing and very important for your self care.

I am a praying woman and I strongly recommend investing in a therapist if you feel you can’t get beyond yourself. God uses them to.

Love S