I Will No Longer Abandon Myself

November 16, 2022

It has taken me a long time to figure out the anger and sadness I had in some past relationships was never about them but about me abandoning myself when their unhealed parts caused me harm.

I made excuses for their unhealed behavior thinking I was being compassionate until it hit me that their “oh, Sherry will understand” approach was more about what was easy for them because “Sherry won’t sweat it”. So she’s the easiest to “dismiss”. I take full ownership of where I have diminished myself to make others feel comfortable.

No more of that.

I have apologized to myself for not protecting my heart and loved myself through self forgiveness. I am learning true compassion and forgiveness as I show compassion and forgiveness for myself. It isn’t always easy.

This healing journey has been at times lonely and challenging but mostly empowering as I come to understand myself. I’m more aware now and clear.

The healing journey never ends and I am committed to the work. And lawd have mercy, it has been some deep diving work.

So wherever you are at in your journey, don’t give up on you. You will have that aha moment.

Love S❤️