I Wave Good-bye When Butter Flies

July 14, 2022

Good morning ladies. A fun childrens poem to spark the imagination to start our day. Love S❤️

I Wave Good-bye When Butter Flies


I wave good-bye when butter flies

and cheer a boxing match,

I’ve often watched my pillow fight,

I’ve sewn a cabbage patch,

I like to dance at basket balls

or lead a rubber band,

I’ve marvelled at a spelling bee,

I’ve helped a peanut stand.

It’s possible a pencil points,

but does a lemon drop?

Does coffee break or chocolate kiss,

and will a soda pop?

I share my milk with drinking straws,

my meals with chewing gum,

and should I see my pocket change,

I’ll hear my kettle drum.

It makes me sad when lettuce leaves,

I laugh when dinner rolls,

I wonder if the kitchen sinks

and if a salad bowls,

I’ve listened to a diamond ring,

I’ve waved a football fan,

and if a chimney sweeps the floor,

I’m sure the garbage can.