Honoring those who have gone before us

August 22, 2023

Perfect ending to a long overdue yet perfectly timed homecoming. A very important part of my homecoming was visiting my mothers gravesite with my family. Joyce Elizabeth Baker, the matriarch, light and love of our very oftentimes dysfunctional family. (We own it.) It was a gathering for each of us to honor her in our own way and also together, respecting each others way of remembering her. I know she is not in the ground but her spirit lives on, around and beyond us. Her love that she gave to each of us still lingers like a scent of perfume. I surprised myself as I spent time alone in that space that I shed no tears. My heart was at peace as I have come to my own acceptance of death. She is not gone, just in another form other then this physical we all embody. Like air that I cannot see, but know it’s there…she is and always will be also. Mom, I know you are happy seeing us all together again. We Love and miss you. Love S❤️