Nature Personified

August 20, 2023

I had forgotten how beautiful the place where I grew up is. Colorado is nature personified. The camera can not quite capture the true beauty of what I came home to. This has been a very healing homecoming for me. Just a whole other level of gratitude. Being with family, meeting new friends, communing with nature. I am reminded of the parts of me that loves to hike, explore, walk barefoot in the grass and be a part of the earth. Bringing these parts of me back upon my return will be a very important part of remembering who I am and all I had forgotten, and, yes, some I tried to forget. It’s complicated. Gathering all those parts back to me like children lost has been the best gift I could give myself. Family, home..they hold all the memories that make all the pieces of who we are. Some not so pleasant and some moments of magic. When you’re ready to remember, acknowledge and forgive, there is a strength that awaits you like the mountains that watch over us welcoming you home. Love S❤️