February 20, 2023

For anyone who may need to hear this. Something I am moving through lately by bringing all of my hurt parts of me together, past and present, to forgive all of those who have caused me harm.

I thought forgiving them without them saying sorry to me only empowered them more, but I see how much I have suffered by holding on to unforgiveness. Realizing how unforgiveness had changed the best parts of me, the parts of me that loves people, optimistic, hopeful, compassionate and faithful.

I had started to become cynical, disappointed, sad, angry…turning into harshness, bitterness and isolation. Anything to alleviate the hurt and powerlessness I was feeling. But I have come to learn, through much soul searching and love of friends pouring wisdom into me, that this kept me in victim mode. I never saw myself as a victim. I thought my holding onto unforgiveness kept me strong.

That, that was my power. I missed the best parts of me that I value most…love. I am learning Forgiveness frees me.

Forgiveness is an act of love for myself and all the hurt parts of me, to help me to move towards healing. To open myself back up to what I value most and that I always want to give and receive…love.

It’s been a painful journey for sure, but well worth it. I take all these parts with me, with lessons learned…and still learning. Isn’t that what life’s about?

Love S❤️