First Day of School

March 29, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

As you all know I started working a new job going into a physical office as a fundraiser for the first time in over a decade since making the decision to stay home and raise my now semi-grown children.

My first day was yesterday and I felt a bit like the first day of school as the new kid. ???? Everyone was lovely as I was the ever observer of my new surroundings and colleagues. I’m finding my way although it does feel a bit like the twilight zone.

I definitely get the feeling that this is a temporary shift to a bigger plan that is unfolding for me. I definitely cocooned for a long time reconnecting with myself and doing a lot of necessary healing before I was able to open myself back up to the curiosities of the this mad world we live in.

Getting here early this morning I was able to meditate and look at the sunrise this morning as the newness of this new shift in my life continues to unfold and I get to meet parts of me unclaimed.

Looking forward to it and sharing all that I discover.

Stay tuned. Love S