Find A Space

March 1, 2023

Good morning ladies.

Having adventures and more breakthroughs here in my future home in the DR. Being in a place where you are forced to slow down really puts you in a place of discovery. Where nature flourishes and is the dominant presence vs cement structures and advertisements constantly bombarding your psyche.

Your body literally goes through a decompression of all of the constant stimulation and pervasive distractions of daily life. I am grateful to be able to slow down and get quiet and commune with nature and God. Seeing with the eyes of your spirit is a magical experience as wisdom is revealed to you in silence. We really truly don’t know how powerful we are until we are able to let things fall off and just be. You can’t buy this. Looking forward to more of this.

My encouragement to all of us is to find a space where you can be still and quiet without distractions and allow what wants to be revealed to you can unfold. Even it’s just for you to just be still, that’s enough.

Love S❤️