September 19, 2023

Good morning lovelies! Full transparency. So I woke up today wondering what I would share to encourage our beautiful community and I felt had nothing to give other then what I’m feeling in this moment. Feeling more bleh then upbeat. Wanting to just do nothing. All the things. I had a lot on my mind this morning as I and my hubby are making huge decisions to transition toward our dreams. It has not come without its costs and uncertainty. I have cried, prayed and leaned on my closest friends when I felt the weight of change. It made me think of the strongest of us, the quietest of us, the shyest of us, even the happiest of us always making sure others are ok, who maybe don’t share when they are having the heavies of heart moments. Who are afraid to ask for help for fear of…whatever that is for you. It ain’t easy…I get it as I am that person in so many ways. I share all this not to bring you down but to lift you up that we all of our moments and it’s ok to be vulnerable, in safe places. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to speak to those you trust about your heavy heart moments. I’ve had to learn that on so many levels. And continue to do so. Learning to identify who are my safe places to share my softest parts to. I feel that here in this community. (Truly)In this moment I’m in that space where I would love to hear how you all are doing. Would love to hear some encouragement. How are you moving through different challenges in your life. What are your joys? How are you doing today? Your words also inspire and help me stay motivated as well…so share away if inclined. Sending love and light. Love S❤️