May 28, 2024

Good morning lovelies!

I got to thinking this morning about dreams. Yes, me and my many thoughts!???? The dreams we have for ourselves. As I sit here on our back porch looking out on this amazing view I contemplate whose dream am I living in. Mine or someone else? Am I living in their dream or are they living in mine? ???? It is neither good nor bad but I think that whether it’s a job, a relationship, or the place that we live, we got there somehow. We agreed and entered into it for whatever reason or time and space we were at that moment. And you’re in it. You don’t question it. But then you look up one day and maybe you don’t recognize the person you committed to anymore or the job you’ve worked for so many years or the place you are living and you question how did I get here? We all choose where we are at, who we love, where we work. Is it your dream though? Maybe it was for a time and now that has changed, you’ve changed. Maybe it was someone elses dream and you joined in because you didn’t have a dream of your own. You couldn’t envision it for yourself so someone elses dream became yours. For me, I’m married to someone who has incredible vision. When he thinks of something its so clear in his mind that he is able to execute and bring it to pass. As you all know. He always had a dream of building a stone home, living off the grid being fully self-sustainable. Well, here we are. Living his dream which became mine. And I’m grateful for it. His dream allowed me to come to a place where now I can dream about what do I want to create? So sometimes its ok to live in someone elses dream until you are able to define your own. Or change your current one. That’s what we are here to do. Dream and Create! Its a bit of rambling, I know, but I’ve got thoughts so there you have it! ???? whats your dream!? Love S❤️