Day’s 6-8 living in the DR.

April 14, 2024

Momtemplating: A cup of coffee. ☕️

This move to a new country has presented me with an opportunity to look at life and the choices I made along the way. The 20-plus years of a life I created before this move with my partner was exactly what I wanted. A stable home to raise my four beautiful now Adulting children. And to be a supportive wife and friend. Now, on my 8th day in a new country, I woke up this morning feeling like a very tiny speck in a massive universe. Feeling overwhelmed by that gave me a sinking feeling wondering how I would navigate. How do I partake in this massive meal God has offered me? I had no clue, not even a vision of myself and who I was in this new world. The temptation was to panic, fall into depression, and listen to the small voice telling me “See, nothing has changed. You’re always going to feel this heaviness no matter where you are. You left everything just to end up with yourself and that empty feeling. I wanted to disappear in that feeling until another voice offered itself to me. “Start with finding the joy in making coffee for you and your husband every morning and feel into the presence of just that.” So I got up and was fully present to the sounds and smells of making that coffee, smelling the ground beans, the sounds of it percolating on our gas stove, pouring it into the cups, bringing it to my husband, and sitting down and enjoying every sip. A cup of coffee never tasted better in that moment of allowing myself to be fully present in a seemingly meaningless act. The thank you from my husband and doing something I’ve done before religiously but not with much thought or attention was surprisingly gratifying. And with that one thought/act, a sense of relief befell me. And I could breathe again knowing that the mountain I was about to climb started with one simple step. And not to look at the whole mountain wondering how I’m going to climb it and if it’s possible. One small act, “Make that cup of coffee and find the joy in it” I can do that…today. Love S