Crones, Hags and Maidens

May 18, 2024

Crone and hags once were positive words for women. Crone comes from crown, indicating wisdom. emanating from the head; hag comes from hagio. meaning holy. They represent the circle of life. I wrote a little somethin about them/us. (I love women!) we are so strong and powerful..

Don’t let anyone define you.

“Cronies, Hags and Maidens!”

A call to all crones, hags and maidens. Let out your gray hair and wear it proudly. It is your crown, your sign of wisdom. Embrace the power of your youth young maidens and learn from us, for you will one day be us. Shame shame they yell at us from their high towers throwing out their words of ignorance and fear that tell us our wrinkles and bent bodies from giving birth are not wanted. They are afraid of our power, the wisdom we wield. It is our shield to their pounding of fists upon our brows but we are here to stay, the seed of life, the portal to eternity, that God in his wisdom blessed us with. So stand firm, do not falter for you are the roots of the trees, firmly planted forever standing tall.

Sherry Taveras ©️

Love S❤️