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December 9, 2023

Creatives..the healers. Writers retreat. ✍️ More of this please! Sharing sacred space with a Community of Five other beautiful souls. ????️My journey out of my comfort zone, anxiety of flying ???????? and imposter syndrome (do I deserve to be here with such amazing writers) couldn’t keep me from this amazing gift, although many obstacles presented themselves. Myself being the biggest one. But I pushed through the fears, doubts and insecurities along with my people not allowing me to make excuses to get on that plane! ???????? and I will be forever grateful. The experience was more then I could have ever imagined and exactly what I needed at such a time as this. We have to put ourselves in places and around others where we will feel held, seen, supported and called to our higher selves. Even more so during such challenging times. It was exactly what my soul needed. What does your soul need to feel held? Give yourself that gift. You’ll thank yourself for it. Love S