Buen Dia

June 2, 2024


Early this morning I took a drive with my husband to a locally owned wood shop to pick up wood for a desk he is building me for my writing. (stay tuned for that beauty) I love these drives as I get to see and hear all the sounds of very much alive and present in their lives people.

I’ve been noticing things while here in this so-called third-world country. If you focus on what they “don’t have” you will miss out on the wealth and beauty this country possesses. The infrastructure is supposedly not here but what I am witnessing is a proud people who are daily at work with their self-owned businesses. Fathers and mothers teaching their sons and daughters their craft working together in their family-owned businesses. People enjoying their daily work. Minding their business…Not stressing. There is something so authentic here that exposes the inauthenticity of the comforts I was so used to. Don’t get me wrong. Do I miss Central AC? ???? You bet your AC I do! ???? But country living has caused me to take a pause on what I value. Reframing my world from a lot of stuff to living freely without all the attachments and conveniences I was used to and was raised to believe I needed to thrive. More and more I appreciate the simple things. The .35 cent empanadas made daily in someone’s home and then sold right outside their door with a cafecito. Or the homemade chinola juice at the local family-owned colmado that they sell to you for 100 pesos. People saying Buen dia (good morning) as you pass them by with a big brown beautiful smile. I think I’ve been a bit of a spoiled snob as I continue to release attachments and embrace this simple beautiful way of living taught from as my husband calls the Dominicans “zen masters” They are masters at the secret of being content and I’m all here for it! I learn from them daily. I fell in love with a Dominican 25 years ago and now I am falling in love with this country and its people. Dios lo Bendiga! Love S❤️