Breaking Open

April 26, 2024

Integrity, opening, breaking open. The breaking out of a shell. When does one start to break open? When they have fully grown into the space that held them safely encased as they formed into who they were born to be? Cocooning. I did that. I cocooned away for some time to die to a lot of me I was that could no longer exist solely as herself. After owning, acknowledging, and witnessing so much of a life, relationships that eventually started to crumble. I have always grappled with love. What it feels like, looks like. Do you recognize it when it presents itself to you? Does it transform you? And when you have met it, how does it transform you? Is it a softening that happens? A strength that awakens in you? How do all the pieces fall together? I open myself to love and all its mystery. My heart awakens to the call. Or is my heart calling out to it? Which comes first? Or maybe it’s both. Time always gives us the opportunity to tell. Love S