Being Neighborly

April 28, 2024

Memories of doors being left open, screen doors slamming being open and shut, knocks on the doors from your friends asking if you can come out to play. Parents sitting outside around the cul-de-sac in their lawn chairs as children ran back and forth down the street running in and out of each others homes. Parents yelling for you to come inside and eat and other parents yelling at you to stop the bad behavior or else…and you did because you respected them as much as your own parents. These are childhood memories that flooded my mind as we were met with such a kind neighborly act of being brought a home baked cornbread pie this morning from our neighbor. So far this has been just one of the many unexpected kindnessess we have been blessed with since starting my DR country living. It was such out of the norm of which should be normal. Neighbors being neighborly. Oh The yumminess! Oh, and Nope…it didn’t survive long! ????